Balinghai Beach Resort


Balinghoy to Balinghai:
From a Cassava Plantation to a Preserved Natural Paradise

Balinghai was founded in 1983 by Jose “Otik” Macavinta, one of the first entrepreneurs who inhabited the beautiful island of Boracay. Balinghai was derived from the Visayan local term, “balinghoy” which refers to a cassava plant. Before the resort became a paradise of its own, the place used to be crowded with cassava plants. From a cassava plantation, the place has gradually revealed its regal splendor and has eventually grown into what it is for today.


The development of Balinghai follows the natural contours of the limestone hill. The idea of Balinghai as a beach resort was born out of a constellation of memories imprinted on the Boracay night sky – the secrecy of swimming in a peaceful ocean; the delight in walking on a soft white sand; the consolation of intense yet calming darkness that enables stars to shine brighter in a black canvass; the overpowering sound of cicadas; the breath-taking sight of bats that fly over the beach every sunset; and much more. These are just among the timely experiences that the resort has been able to outstretch from Boracay’s tranquil past.

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