Balinghai Beach Resort


Balinghai does not only cater to your eyes but also to your tongue! Be awed with Balinghai’s international cuisine which boasts of an enriched, eclectic kitchen inspired from dishes around the world. From authentic Filipino dishes and South East Asian spicy curries to European and

American entrees, you will be left craving for more. Rest assured that only the freshest vegetables, seafood, and meats are used by Balinghai’s talented in-house chefs. Whether it is breakfast, merienda, or just an appetizer before dinner, dining with Balinghai is at your leisure!


Main Restaurant

Dine at the main restaurant and gaze at the panoramic view of the ocean with unique hand-carved tables and chairs that will enhance your ultimate laid-back beach experience!


Bar Lounge

Heighten your dining experience by dining at the bar lounge across the beach front. Get to know how Balinghai’s pulley basket works as your food is delivered from the Main Restaurant down the cliff!


Beach Shore

Inches from the beach water, Balinghai can set-up an exquisite candlelight dining experience for you. With your feet on the soft white sand, feel the caress of the sweet ocean breeze as you go beach dining!


Room Service

If you prefer to have a quiet dine inside your room, Balinghai can deliver your meal at your convenience! Balinghai is sure to give you quality dining experience even in the confines of your room!


Special Occassions

Balinghai caters to every need of guests on any occasion. If you are planning something exclusive, allow Balinghai to make it special. Whether for a romantic pair of two or an adventurous group of 25,

Balinghai’s uniquely planned events are definitely worth to remember!


Experience special occasions on the sands of Balinghai’s private beach. Get inspired with the flicker of the candles placed on rocks that glow delicately with the moon as their unison reflects on the sea. The creative touch of nature and Balinghai will perform together to complete the perfect setting you want for your occasion.